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Soooo, I'm out of here. See you in another thread.



How would you improve it,If you made your own?

Umm, I'd go with some friends of mine to another similar board and develop that...

Oh wait, that's really happening, isn't the world a weird place.

Lemme guess, I'm stalking you.
- No I just happen to read every thread on the forum (that's what the RSS does to ya). Perhaps that gives you an idea as to who knows what's what on this forum and trust me, it aint you.


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I'd still be coding my AVR's with AVRGCC.  It works just fine and all the capabilities of the Arduino are available.  It's just a matter of coding slightly differently.

Again.  Arduino is not a magical device.   It's a micro controller supported by a bootloader, a pretty IDE and many time saving ready made libraries hidden behind the scenes.

And if not AVR, I would be coding for PICAXE, Microchip PIC's, Parallax STAMPS or Propellers or even SX28's.  It's just a matter of using what is available.

Most of us prefer Arduino because it's much quicker to develop ideas and solutions  than with other device alternatives and not because it does things other devices can't do.


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go buy one :D
or maybe even build one...


Shortly prior to discovering Arduino, I was getting enthusiastic about the "WinPICprog" setup; a low-end PIC with some standardized connectors and "daughter" cards.  http://www.winpicprog.co.uk/pic_tutorial_main_board.htm
I had even designed a set of PCBs for most of the hardware.  But I would have had to make them myself (or had them made), which would have been annoying.


I'd be sitting on the couch eating popcorn and being brainwashed by USA TV - so thank you very much for saving me from being a mindless drone. (I try to be a mindful drone).


I used to be in to case modding.  I think that's the closest to electronics I got and it extended to a bit of soldering, nowt complicated.  The most complicated thing I did was soldering up an LCD (4x40) to a parallel port and including a on/off switch.

Attaching a motherboard to the back of a desk by hammering nails through the screw holes was probably the most nerve wracking.


Umm.. well probably i wouldnt be into this at all though i was intrested in electronics arduino bought my dreams to reality  :)


Attaching a motherboard to the back of a desk by hammering nails through the screw holes was probably the most nerve wracking.


Were screws unavailable or something?
I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


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That's why God gave us two-part five minute epoxy, or hotmelt glue (economy size), or Liquid Nails.  

If "HE" didn't want me to attach one thing to another thing without the first thing necessarily being designed to be attached to the second thing, in a clearly unsafe and aesthetically displeasing manner, and frequently to the annoyance of the aforementioned first thing, then "HE" would not have provided me, a mere mortal, with such wonders as Duct Tape and Roofing Nails.  SuperGlue is proof of the existence and benevolence of God.

So says me.


Were screws unavailable or something?

No idea. I must have had screws cos I put up a couple of little shelf brackets for the HDD to sit on.


I would've been playing games on my pc

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