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Why you used a 470 ohm resistor if RLIM=(5V-4.2V)/(0.12A)=6.6 ohms ?

And the pin 16 must be connected to ground or a VBACKLIGHT less than 5V if you use LCD brightness.


It's a error  :D
In the next revision i fix it.



Is it possible to get these brilliant drawing in one zip file of PDFs???

I think it will take all day to right click and save as for all these!  :D


I think these are great

But as PNG files some of the text is too small to read, especially the grey text for resistor values.

PDFs would be better.


If you use Firefox and save the page, it downloads and saves all the images into a folder

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I did what I suggested, but they are too big to upload in one go.

So here is part 1

(Note original filenames e.g 100.png.  Nothing I can easily do about this without spending hours manually renaming the files)
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part 2 (see above)
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One thing that strikes me, is that code examples and libraries are needed for a lot of these.

Libraries are probably the biggest issue for most people

Is there a plan to put these PNG's in some location e.g. your website.

Do you plan to put links to sketches and also the required libraries?

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Each card will be accompanied by sample code and library (if required).
In addition to many cards I have also designed the  breadboard mounting.

There will also be a nice surprise (A project I worked on for more than 6 months) that will change the way of learning electronics and programming. It will, as always, completely free of charge and available soon.  :D

When I placed on line this system I will finish the search engine that allow you to search an electronic solution to a problem:
ie: How can I connect a 12V fan to my arduino?
The search engine show the the basic connections card  and related code.

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in your zip You saved the small version of the drawings!
If you click on a card will be displayed the 150dpi version.

for example for card 100 the direct link for small version is: http://pighixxx.com/PNG/Small/100.png
and the 150dpi version is: http://pighixxx.com/PNG/100.png


Thank @pighixxx

I'll try to script up a download of the high res versions and zip them for any one interested.

I may just put them all in one PDF. I'll see how it goes


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I've managed to convert the 150 dpi versions to one PDF doc but its 13Mb and the forum keeps timing out while I'm trying to upload :-(

If someone wants it I could put it somewhere else e.g. github

Edit. If anyone wants it.

Its on github 


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wish all the pictures also would be on github, so it would be easier to update when changes are done.

Is this an remake of the book?

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