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Coding Badly

A gold wedding band can turn near incandescent in mere seconds and cause server burn injury if shorting out unfused high current circuits.

"Near incandescent"?  "Mere seconds"?

I accidentally dropped a wrench across the terminals of a car battery.  The wrench melted into the terminals and turned bright orange literally within the blink of an eye.  I am ever so grateful the thing lit up before I could grab it or I would have been off to the emergency room with a very very bad burn.

(ALWAYS wear goggles when working around a car battery.  NEVER wear jewelry when working around a car battery.)


A gold wedding band can turn near incandescent in mere seconds

I used to work in telephone exchanges, where the 48V bus bars were bare.
However, the bus bars were stacks of centimetre-thick copper plates.
They were fed from banks of bathtub-sized lead-acid batteries, and main fuses were rated in high hundreds of amps.

We were told the (no doubt apocryphal) tale of the painter who put his paint pot across the bars, and pebble-dashed the ceiling as the metal pot vapourised.

Much later, we used 5V 200amp supplies to blow out internal shorts on multi-layer PCBs.

I still take off my metal bracelet watch when working on high amp gear.

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