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yup, keeping the 0.9 as a fraction works!

simple things eh!


when i get down to low levels of light, the leds are noticeably flickery... not a massive issue, but noticeable enough to take the professional look away from it. if i was to 10% frost you wouldn't notice...

just wondering if anyone else has a better solution.

the blinking serial monitor!

I'm displaying lots of useful information, and i start up the serial monitor everytime so i can see the numbers changing... im getting real close to everything running smoothly so i dont start up comment out the serial monitor and bang! all the fading now runs 3 times as fast and its real smooth!

you live and learn eh... now i've just gotta slow down the fading some more! lol

every silver lining has a cloud eh?


Still thinks you should have gone for a hardware version  ]:)


if i had, i couldn't have had different settings for fade in, fade out, length of fade and random patterns (easily) if i had gone hardware only...

...which was always the objective!

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