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Hi guys,i am a new bee in Arduino. I have started "RGB LED DICE" project. I have acheived this by uploadind my programs in arduino uno and usings its pins. Now, i want to solder it out but dont know how to upload my current programs in Atmel 13. Please help. Thanks

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I too am interested in the ATtiny 2313V and I've found several different threads that pretty well layout the whole process..  Including a Programming shield
Look for the work by Erni.  I have the references.. somewhere but you would do Much better to find and read all of it yourself because apparently your skills with Mr Google are lacking.. Much better for you to do the work than it is to beg someone else to do your work for you.
It is always the best idea for YOU to do the research for information on your work
Thanks. Waiting for help.
Waiting for someone to search it out for you? Why can't you do it...

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