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Hi, i have been Using an arduino UNO since early 2012. i recently purchased another 2 UNO, (looks slightly different in terms of the color of tactile switch and board color). when i upload a sketch to the OLD UNO, it works fine, but when i upload it to the newer UNOs with the same sketch, it runs for a while and stops working. however , every time i hit the reset button, it works for a while again. is there a particular reason for this? i heard someone said that the sketch might occupy too much memory, but when i checked, it only takes up about 5102 bytes. is it the fault of the new UNOs? is anyone else experiencing the same problem?

i notice the old bootloader has the number 1153 but the new says 1228. does it make a difference?


Check the back of your UNO and look above the WWW.ARDUINO.CC to see if it says MADE IN ITALY or DESIGN IN ITALY.  If it says DESIGN IN ITALY, it is a UNO clone made from the open source design sheets, but the parts could be inferior or the bootloader has the wrong fuse settings.  If the vendor sold it as an Authentic Arduino, you can verify it here:


Post clear pictures of your boards. When editing a post click on the "additional options" to add attachments.

Where did you buy them from?
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Hi , i realize that i have to reduce the voltage of the power supply in order for it to work. i cannot use anything higher than 6v. both says made in Italy, i got it from an authorized reseller. ill post a picture of the two UNOs. The top one is the older UNO.


here is the back


Those are more authentic than mine and mine came with the cute paper box ;)

I think Arduino now silkscreens a batch number on the back for process control which my authentic does not have. 
It is quite odd that you need to use a 6VDC power supply.  Do you have a DVM to peek at your voltages on the 5v0, 3v3 and Vin with the different power supplies?


If you swap the chips between the 2 boards, do you see the same stoppage?
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You can always bootload the new UNOs with the newest bootloader, using the old UNO as an ISP. Do that from IDE 1.0.3 or newer. Then you switch and also burn a new bootloader in the old UNO.

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hi, i have swapped the boot loader and the problem still happens...how do i burn new boot loader??




Hi Thanks for your reply! and thanks for the advice=)

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