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So I purchased two 24V Jazzy 1100 Wheelchair motors a couple years back, along with two 12v 24AH SLA Batteries, and I had given up.
I was trying to make a full sized butler robot that used RoboCam for color tracking/following. But it wound up to be too ambitious of a project.
The frame itself was really hard to make and I couldnt figure out how to mount the batteries securely.
is anyone interested?
Obligatory pictures:


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Have the battery been regularly charged?  If not I would consider them fit for recycling only.
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I'm in Ohio. If you're close, I'm interested.

I just finished getting a chair under arduino control. Salvaged one working chair from 4 dead ones. If you want to continue with your project, I may be able to help you with technical assistance via email.


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