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I'm very happy to announce a new Arduino project called Norduino:  :smiley-sweat:

Norduinos by epokh, on Flickr

What is Norduino?
Norduino is essentially a wireless sensor node similar to a Jeenode.
There's a better explanation on my webpage.

Can I convert a Jeenode to a Norduino?
Yes you can! You can just take your jeenode and use the converter board.

Norduino adapter board by epokh, on Flickr

When did it start?
I started this project 4 months ago because I needed a platform to prototype with Nordic
There's a small time track on this web page.

Features of Norduino:
+ uses Arduino environment
+ hardware and software compatible with existing Jeenode sensors
+ uses a Nordic nrf24l01+ for fast data rate transmission in the 2.4 GHz band
+ can be used with an integrated or external SMA antenna
+ can be used with the Sparkfun Nordic USB adapter
+ can be interfaced to a computer via a NorduinoUSB (in development)

Norduinos with button and acceleromter by epokh, on Flickr

What can you do with that?
Except traditional sensor network applications, is meant to be used for some more "hardcore" benchmarks
including audio and video streaming and mesh networks.

Does it support mesh network?
Not at the moment! Implementing a mesh network library such as the SimpliciTI requires
a very clever design but I will be very keen to help everybody that wants to go in this way.  :)

Do you need even more performance?
Yes if you want even less power consumption,
there's a board based on an MSP430.

MSP430 + Nordic by epokh, on Flickr

which is not based on the arduino software BUT I'm porting the original Chris Hulbert code
to this particular board.
Can I buy a kit?
I am planning to do kits if there's demand, at the moment I have put the few boards
which I assembled and tested on my small shop.
If it really takes off I can think about doing a kit version.
I know that soldering SMD is not simple so I have managed to keep everything
at through hole components so the kit will not require any soldering fu skillz.  XD

The boards available at the moment are listed on this pages 1 ,2

Suggestions and design ideas?
Yes I really want to know what people would like to see from a device like this
and what sorts of accessories will be interesting to plug.


That's awesome!! I have just ordered one of this baby right now :) cool work!



For anybody interested I have made an extensive inventory:
I'm working now on the USB interface.



Nice work on the Norduino... hope you have more time to do further development/improvement to it...
Really small form factor compared to the UNO...

Does it work with the RF24 libs

As there are a lot more forks and development on this RF24 libs from the community..


Yes it works pretty well, as a proof Maniacbug had my kit and tested it some time ago:

Original link:


Ok, you convinced me :-)
Where I can get a norduino ?


Yes so I do have a shop where you can buy it but I am working a on a new version and it will take some time for the new batch to come by.
I will keep the forum posted.


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Can you can turn  the connector so as not to protrude the nrf24l01 module in the PCB?
A more robust layout of the pcb would also  be wellcome in order to host the heavier SMA/antenna components...


Exactly I am doing two versions one with the embedded antenna but flat connector type and the other one with the SMA.
Will post the new schematics any help is welcome.  :D


Keep us posted on the progress/development...


not to push you ... but ... have you any news about ?

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