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It does take practice... but not a lot.  Just learn to respect and understand the solder and the process.  You can be making nice clean shiny joints without too much time spent.  (assuming you are trying)

I may not solder something for over a month or two but then build 3 or four boards and all are fine... (and nice looking).

But...  I will admit I do *have* had a lot of years... in 1978 I ran a wave solder machine doing ~150 1' by 2' boards per day.  It included trimming the leads as well and after job that I went on to assemble small run boards for the A/V sales group... so for a short while, it was more than a hobby.


@sptrks: I do not agree with the SMD considered harder idea. I believed this for years and sticked to TTH for a long time. However by now I know that SMD is actually much easier to solder. The hardest part is placing the tiny parts. Soldering them is definitely much easier. However it is a good idea to stick to leaded solder.

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