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This topic cought my attention when i  started working with arduino, at that time i already bought 1 from ebay (ofcourse knowing its a clone).
I see the fake ones on Ebay all the time.  It is a shame and those people should be banned from selling.  I don't have a problem with them selling clones, but they should be labeled as such.  I am in complete agreement.
i have to agree, but i also have to agree with following quote

why, did your board not work?  If it works how can they give it a bad name?  maybe their boards are of better quality than overpriced branded boards? (which, lets face it, wouldn't be difficult.)

I have 1 of this boards, it works great, the quality of it is great. I mean they can cheat on u only with quality of capacitators, which if they blow u can just replace.They could also cheat u with crystal, but u would find that very soon and they would get negative rating on ebay.
And trust me thats the last thing chinese sellers want :P
They cant cheat u with the heart of arduino hardware and thats RL232 and atmega. The board quality is standart just like any other industrial made board. I got only 1 complaint and thats soldering, contacts had rly little solder on them. But that shouldnt be a problem to an electrician.
I personally think it is up to the customer to educate themselves as to what looks like a clone, and what isn't. Then they need to make an educated decision as to whether to buy the clone or not. They know they are buying a clone, and they can't declare otherwise, when the price of the device is waaaay lower than what they can purchase it for from one of the actual distributors (which are all listed on the arduino.cc site). To claim otherwise is them being dishonest with themselves.

The more people aware about this as a bad thing the better. Labeling bad thing as bad is just nuance of communication. And it is done with purpose.

I got mixed signals, is this a bad thing only because they dont state its a clone ?
So if it was stated its a clone, it would be alright for them to sell them and user to buy them ?
Despite arduino team wouldnt get their share ?


cr0sh, this discussion is getting too serious on this bar sport board. Let's lighten this up a bit. I like your idea of a magic box. The first thing I'll make is a copy of the box itself. Pull out the finished half while the rest is still being made so the entire thing can be duplicated. Reminds me of boxes of universe in Futurama. Closing lids may be hard.
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Piracy with same pcb tracks and claim that there's your arduino products.


I'm offering barter or trade



Yeah using the name 'Arduino' on a clone is Piracy


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So if it was stated its a clone, it would be alright for them to sell them and user to buy them ?
Despite arduino team wouldnt get their share ?

That is correct. I don't speak for the Arduino company of course, but considering it's open source nature, I assume they never expected or wanted to be the exclusive supplier of Atmel AVR boards that could run using the Arduino IDE. They do wish to have their trademark honored, but I think that is the extent of it.


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