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I've just started up a project i've been chasing parts for for quite a while, but now at last i've started programming.

Im connecting a MD03 motor controllet to an arduino mega 2560 via I2C.

I've looked at some examples, and foud several examples of this exact application.

So fas so good. But when i try to get the firmware number from the motorcontroller and print it in the serial monitor i get nothing. I looked around this forum and found that some have had the problem that the Wire.endTransmission command shuts down the USB connection, but I have'nt seen a single solution to this problem.

Does someone have a solution to this problem or at least an idea?



This is your MD03, http://www.robot-electronics.co.uk/htm/md03tech.htm ?
The Wire.endTransmission shutting down the USB connection. I have never heard of that.
They provide code (not Arduino code) for the I2C, but I don't understand that. But they say it is the same as the 24C04, so it should be easy.

The first thing to do is the i2c scanner, http://playground.arduino.cc/Main/I2cScanner


Post your code please.

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