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I just have Arduino1.0.4 installed on my Raspberry Pi. I wrote program for Arduino Uno originally with Windows arduino022.
With new installed Windows version of Arduino1.0.4 the program verifies ok but Raspberry Arduino1.0.4 gives me an error
message so i think the problem is on my Linux installation, probably   :smiley-eek-blue:   Message:

Code: [Select]
Error compiling:
/home/pi/arduino-1.0.4/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avr-g++: line 3: /home/pi/arduino-1.0.4/hardware/tools/avr/bin/../bin.gcc/avr-g++: cannot execute binary file
/home/pi/arduino-1.0.4/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avr-g++: line 3: /home/pi/arduino-1.0.4/hardware/tools/avr/bin/../bin.gcc/avr-g++: Success
/home/pi/arduino-1.0.4/hardware/tools/avr/bin/avr-g++ returned 126

I'm a newbie with Linux so i have no glue what's the problem. Please give me a good glue   :~

Installation instructions i followed: http://raspberrypi.homelabs.org.uk/raspberrypi-the-arduino-development-tool/
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I found a working solution from another forum. Thanks for watching  :smiley-mr-green:


ok well I seem to have solved the problem by renaming

Apparently this forces Arduino to compile using the system avr routines instead of the ones installed with Arduino.

Hopefully this helps someone else with the same problem.
My software has no bugs, only random features.

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