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Hello Experts...  :)
I want to send Some ASCII characters with an RF link over 1KM range with Arduino, I found a transmitter here (http://www.nskelectronics.in/rf_tx__rx.html) is this module can be used with the virtual wire library?? Is there any other RF modules with 1KM range available that can be used with arduino??
Thank you


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The VirtualWire is for the cheap on/off RF modules.
The VirtualWire makes the protocol in software.
Switching the transmitter on and off is called ASK.

Typical hardware chips for a protocol are the CC1101 modules.

The 1 km modules use FSK.
I can't tell if they have a chip for the protocol or not (I think not). There is not enough information on that page.

There are other 433MHz modules like that. But I would not rely on them to get as far as 1km.
You could use a module like that, but with an antenna connector and use directional antennas.
And some modules have LNA. Search Ebay for "cc1101 lna" and you will find some.


The link says 100m range.

I am gtting 500m range with SIM20 modules without just a 17cm wire, they say you can get 1500m.
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Thanks a lot for the replays  :)
I saw that the SIM20 device you told has both SPI and UART interface, i think that will be the best option for my work.
Can You please help me more about its interfacing with arduino.

One more doubt, In my application i need only to transmit some ASCII values from the remote area to a control tower located >1km apart, so no need for a transceiver, so is there any other device which match this profile?

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