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I am new to this arduino and i am trying make arduino to detect doors and windows status thru Recessed Door Switch and Alarm Reed Switch for windows ( about total 3 doors and 8 windows ) and wifi shield to connect internet and sms to celphone w/ specific door # and status. Is that possible? if possible could it be very hard to newbie (me). or if anyone can provide me with step by step instruction and codes for service fee. i am willing to pay. if anyone can point to right direction please do and much appreciate it. thanks in advance.


It is pretty easy to detect the state of door/window embedded switches with an arduino.  Wiring (or wireless communication) between the switches and the arduino would be the hardest part.  The rest is clearly possible, but needs to be fleshed out before anything can be designed.

It is probably possible to send SMS messages via some internet service, such as Skype.  For that, either a wifi or ethernet shield might be appropriate.  I suggest a wired connection unless you *must* use wifi.  Alternatively, a gprs shield could connect directly to the a cellular network to send SMS messages.  As another alternative, you might post messages to Twitter or similar.

You'll also have to figure out what messages you want to send where under what circumstances, and how you would update these rules once programmed.  Will you need to receive messages, or take any local action besides passive monitoring?

To address these kinds of questions, you might imagine that you are about to purchase an off-the-shelf product that will do what you want.  Write a user's manual for that imaginary product.  I offer that as the first of your step-by-step instructions.


I did an identical project recently. Email me at danbertner(@)gmail(dot)com


I have done this with Arduino.  It is possible using

With only 5 lines of code...

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