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Hi I'm making an RC car that will track a color and keep its distance, right now i cant seem to use the Seeed Motor Shield V1 to control my 2 dc motors without mounting it, so I can't connect the ping sensor and cmucam4.  I thought of using stackable headers but there were none at any radio shacks nearby or electronics stores i called, i ended up buying jumpers with header pins that should work but the LED's on the motor shield are dim and the motors won't spin.  I am powering the Arduino(Mega 2560 R3) and motor shield separately and it doesn't work like this, but it works when mounted like a shield.  From the site I would imagine that only pins 8-13 are needed.  If anyone has any suggestions or has done this I would appreciate some help, I've tried searching on forum and google but didn't find anything.


edit: i don't know if this is the right section for this question, if not please let me know and i will move it.


Try connecting 5VDC and GND between Arduino and shield.


Thanks, I had tried it before but just to be sure i tried it again and it worked, so i might have a bad jumper, how would you suggest i hook up the ping sensor to arduino aswell


hey couldn't you use the digital pin like 5 or 6 and have a female connector that goes into the groove connector to that pin?

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