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Just finished my latest project.   Got a new patio and deck put in this past summer. I did my own dual zone LED lighting.  Was not satisfied with the base power unit as it used the manual 'plug' on / off tabs and only could handle one zone.  I wanted 1 zone for the landcape LED's and another for the deck LED's.  I decided to build an Arduino controller that could be controlled from an Android app over Bluetooth.  Hence Glo Control was born.  I whipped up Glo Control to run on Android devices to allow me to set schedules for each zone, set them to turn on/off via darkness, and also the ability to turn the lights on / off manually.  I also added a number of custom features including custom buttons with commands so users could modify the provided sketch to their needs.  The app could technically be used to control sprinklers and garage doors too!

Arduino Controller - Glo Control Project Page


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