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I've recently completed a project to use an arduino to control the functions of an electric gate.  Do you think anyone else in the world would be interested?  I'm tempted to go the whole hog and design a one board solution for it that has the 168, current sensor, LCD and motor driver all integrated.  This would be much better than the current rats nest of wires it's kind of turned into.... But I'd only be really motivated if there was a chance that someone else would benefit..


Is this controlled by RF?  or sometype of wireless?  Might make a really neat garage door opener control.

I would certainly be interested in your code and schematics... "IF" you were planning open source?



yeah I just used an off the shelf rf relay receiver box + keyfobs.  These were part of my old electrical implementation.  I've got neither the time, money, insurance or willing to go down any sort of serious commercial route.....


I would be interested in any documentation you have on this project.  


The electronic control card of my electric automatic gate is burned in this days. >:( I saved the radio receiver only (relay output available from it). Can somebody help me to "invent" something with Arduino ?  :-[

I would be interested to this project.


I would be interested in any documentation you have on this project.

me either....


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