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I'm only wanting to display numbers and a decimal point (for temperature display on a 16x2), is it possible to change the custom characters used in the library for a "rounded style"? - I haven't quite got my head around libraries yet...

Actually not possible. I made a trade off ugly looking for displaying all symbols. Each character is a 3*5 matrix of dots so you can't have one dot that is rounded on the bottom left and another on top left. There are other libraries out there that only do numbers with rounded corners and possibly dot and colon. Good luck!
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I found a nice font (actually a few) but, for my coding skills they're not really usable.

I want to be able to, effectively, do

bigLcd.print((char)223); // nice but optional
bigLcd.print ('C'); // nice but optional

within the sketch to display a temperature reading. Everything I've found so far takes individual numbers, breaks them up into bytes and calls them that way (as far as I can tell) and that's just way too complicated for me to fathom out - that's why I was looking for a library.


I understand. My library is offering that (send string to display) but font isn't too good looking. Have you looked at my super font with 5 lines width? It looks better but needs 20x4 display for 3 characters.

Serial LCD keypad panel,phi_prompt user interface library,SDI-12 USB Adapter

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