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Jan 13, 2020, 05:53 pm Last Edit: Jan 14, 2020, 02:45 am by minimannJCW Reason: i moved o.p. to another thread, so this will now serve as a build log.
hello! this is the build log for my first arduino prodject:  cursed charlie.  the original charlie chimp toy is a cymbal banging monkey. hoever, when you press its head, it's eyes pop out, and makes a terrifying face. the toy has been used in many horror films. so when i bought one from some guy in a garadge sale for 5 dollars, the most logical step was to make it even more terrifying.  so, the idea is to shove some red leds into its eyes, and put an ir sensor and a spaeker into it. the closer you get, the  louder and brighter the leds shine/ more demonic sounds play. here is what the toy looked like before i modified it:


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