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There's a new mirror for NesCartDB:  https://nescartdb.com/

When BootGod's site went down, I decided to implement a solution for the Cart Reader.  I've written code and game lists for the Cart Reader to handle the settings needed to read all of the Licensed FC/NES carts.  There's a new menu selection to identify carts by name.  The cart lists are separated by name (# + Alpha (A-Z)) to make searching faster.  I had originally written the code to identify the carts by Serial but many carts don't have visible serial numbers so I converted the code to do it by name.

The code is working on my standalone Famicom Reader but it still needs to be adapted over to the full Cart Reader.

I'll share the code with sanni after I do some cleanup.
This is going to help NES on the Sanni...    Its a little too, know all your shit in advance in its current state.  Thank you Skaman.

I hope this will encourage more mappers.  I hope to contribute to this end.

Adding INES headers to dumps "option", would really take Sanni next level as far as NES/FAMICOM.   I had a funny experience here where dumping mappers that were not mmc 3, I had to add INES headers to play rom, but MMC3 fired right up as if it had been added.... I was using Messen for testing.  My experience with NES on Sanni was confusing.  Lots more testing to do.  I think I want more than what Sanni can do with NES and to that end Im building Clusters Famicom programmer.  More poke and prod on the unknowns/troublesome mappers.  I dunno adding INES headers may not be the Sannis job per se, just would be nice.

bootgods database is amazing(needs moar recca PCB shot.  I know its MMC3, I just gotta see it nekid) but years of instability with it have frustrated me to the point of just using customized spreadsheets.  Too many mappers plus newer/modified ones like "Streamers"

Ya know, free as in beard


Hi Sanni

I bought a 
KY Technology MD FlashKit Card Rewritable Cart it has a M29W640FT chip, I was wondering if the Sanni Cart reader can write to this chip.

You helped me before and my cart reader is awesome, enjoying it very much



How do I dump the xplorer 64?


Hi Sanni,

Can you add following code in MD.ino getCartInfo_MD()?

Code: [Select]
  // Zero Wing Check
  if (cartSize == 0x80000) {
    switch (chksum) {
      case 0xD07D: //Zero Wing (J) 8Mbit
        cartSize = 0x100000; //1MB instead of 512KB
        chksum = 0xF204;

I bought Megadrive Zero Wing (Japanese) cart today and found that dumped ROM is corrupted.
Actual ROM size is 1MB according to No-Intro but size in header is 512KB. I had to manually modify cartSize to actual ROM size(1MB) and change chksum to correct chksum(F204) for good dump recognition.
I only have Japanese Zero Wing cart so I'm not sure about European version.



Hi All,
New to this forum and much appreciate all that have put in work on this project :)
I have finished assembling a reader (after much time having most of the needed parts - the PCBs were ordered back in March of 2019 :) ) and am trying to get my SegaCD Backup RAM cart dumped. However I seem to get only junk in the output file. I confirmed I can read other Genesis games (which match no-intro CRC). I have seen the posts from Skaman and jiyunomegami referencing this feature, but I have no such luck reading the cart. I understand the two jumper wires needed for wiring are not necessary to read the cart, but wondering if there is anything else I need to change on my side. I am using release 5.5. Any guidance is appreciated!
Link to an example dump attached.




Hi again sanni,

In an effort to make this project more accessible, I have been working on editing the wiki. Unfortunately, I've run into an issue where Github does not support pull requests for wiki repos. So I'm afraid the best I can do is post a link to my forked copy of the wiki and hopefully you can grab the markdown files from here. I think the additions would be beneficial to new and old users of the repo. Hopefully these additions can serve as a "thanks" for how much I appreciate this project. At this point I've only edited the "Needed Parts" page, but I would like to continue editing parts of the wiki to answer questions for new and old users visiting the repo.


These are the majority of changes I've made compared to the current "Needed Parts" page on the wiki:

- Edited all links to use reference-style links.
- Edited all links referencing this repo to be relative links.
- Bolded all dollar amounts.
- Indented and added unordered lists to each parts section.
- Added "Note" to Electronic components section to mention flashing the PIC12F629 microcontroller with snesCIC.
- Added list of SA1 SNES games which are supported utilizing the flashed PIC chip.
- Added anchor link to "Parts list for building 10 Cart Readers" table.
- Shortened all links down to just the domain name to make for easier reading. (If you need to see the whole link, you can still hover over the link, or right-click and "Copy Link Address.") (This is especially nice for readability for the 10 Cart Readers table at the bottom.)
- Added "Note" to "3D printed parts" section to suggest Add-ons like the "Adding an enclosure" wiki page.
- Changed M2x8 screws to M2x10 screws (from the forums and discussion with a friend, it would seem the longer screws could be more helpful.)
- Mentioned JST battery connectors in the "Misc items" section to suggest if someone wants to follow sanni's build video with the same parts.
- Added emphasis to several parts of the page.
- Added "Add-ons and Adapters" section to suggest visiting the Add-ons page (Because I'm a dummy who didn't read, I failed to realize prior to purchasing most of the parts that the NES wasn't supported without an adapter, so I felt this should be included.)
- Further explained the adapters to help aid in buying parts to make adapters.

I'd appreciate any additions to the main repo from my edits here. I hope to edit other wiki pages such as the "How to flash the Arduino", and "How to build the PCB" pages. Any suggestions or corrections to my fork are welcome, and I hope to continue to help this project along in the future. Thanks again!


Thanks, I updated the wiki page to your new version.  :)



Happy New Year!


I've edited another wiki page - the "Read-N64-cartridge" page. This particular page has far fewer changes than the "Needed Parts" page, but it's one that I feel could use a few additions to help out those who are running other operating systems besides Windows. In addition to this, I've added links to some explanations of byte/word swapping that will hopefully aid users who may have less programming experience/understanding.

I'm not sure of your opinion (or everyone else's who has been involved in this project) of linking to certain external sites, but I feel the ones I've included should be relevant enough to keep, however, feel free to exclude any additions that may be better suited for the general user's own personal research. Again, here's my forked copy of the wiki with my additions to the "Read-N64-cartridge" page.


Additions listed below:

- Edited all links to use reference-style links.
- Added "50 pin slot" (for clarity, even though I thought this was already rather clear).
- Replaced "byte/word flip" with "byte/word swap" (for more common search terms).
- Changed "byte/word flip" link to reference what byte/word swapping is.
- Made saturnu's ED64-Saveswap a little more transparent by linking and showing the program name.
- Linked to saturnu's post in the EverDrive forum
- Added byte/word swap alternative for users with Python environments available.

Also, there's a small error in my last edit. The link for the cartreader.zip on the "Needed Parts" page incorrectly linked to a non-existent page. I've updated my forked copy accordingly. (If you just want to edit, it's the last line in the Markdown file. Just need to remove the first "../" from the relative link for the cartreader.zip and change it to "../raw/master/pcb/cartreader.zip," sans quotes).



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