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Hi sanni,

Nice work!

Would you please add my latest PC engine/TG16 dumper code into your arduino cart reader?
You can download latest files from here:


4 files included:

Copy ino files in Sanni's V32A code. You need to replace Cart_Reader.ino.
Placing PCE_CRC_LIST.txt on root of SD card will enable verify and automatic game name identifier.

pinout_pce.xls is pinout.xls with PC Engine/TG16 pinout

Hi skaman,

Thank you!
Successfully fixed the bug with ST II'.
Would you try this new one?
Also added Momotaro densetsu alternate version into crc list file.


That is good to know. So how does the pin out compare? And is enabling writing just a matter of providing 12V to Vpp (and A9?) Thanks again!


I have not bothered with Pin A9 because it's only really needed for eprom identification and I already know it's a 27c322. I'm also currently not applying the 6.5V programming voltage to VCC, just 5V. And the timings are not according to the datasheet.

Here is the pinout based on the SNES slot:

CE is E, DQ# is Q#, VPP is GVPP, GND is VSS, STEPUP is one of those cheap 12V step-up regulators from ebay, 2N2222 is a NPN transistor


Thanks a lot! I don't use a snes cart slot, I just have a zif socket on a shield for flash rom programming. Might just try to make another zif socket adapter that fits on top of the existing one.  Will need to order parts, so expect more questions in a while ;P



I tested the PCE_Dumper_101 and SF2' now returns to the PCE HuCard menu.  I redumped a few other HuCards and they worked correctly.

Great job!


I tested it as well and it worked great. It appeared to name the HuCard dumps and everything.


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The lack of proper connections to the Clock Generator could produce the problem you're having with the SPC7110 carts.  The clock signals are needed for the register commands used to map the different sections of the ROM.

I suggest you solder the pins to the Clock Generator.

Good Luck!
Soldered the pins to the Clock Generator! IT WORKS!! That was what was giving me problems, then! Thanks everyone! I got TM Zero dumped. I'm gonna go try the SA-1 carts now. I think I asked this before, but has anyone managed to incorporate the appropriate code in for properly dumping MegaMan X2?

Update: Tried the two remaining SA-1 carts I have yet to dump--Super Mario RPG and Kirby's Dream Land 3. No dice. Maybe the carts are just too old and stubborn?


Do you use an USB Port from your PC to power the Cart Reader for SA1? If yes try using a 5V/1A USB charger like those from mobile phones.


Hi guys, I'm new here (although I know a little about skaman.  He and I have had conversations on the Retrode forum; it's thanks to him I came here).  I've been seriously thinking of purchasing an Arduino cart reader, specifically with a SNES slot and N64 slot (but also including the clock generator so that it would work with SA-1 SNES cartridges since I have a Super Mario RPG cartridge here) as I already have other ways to read and write data from/to my Sega Genesis, Game Boy, Game Boy Color, and Game Boy Advance cartridges that have the ability to save to them (including a Retrode2, GBx plugin, Nintendo DS Lite, and a DSTwo flashcard), so slots for the other systems won't be necessary.  Before I make a decision about making a purchase, I have a bunch of questions I'd like to ask, please.

First and foremost, being as I'm not comfortable with soldering the parts if I directly order all the parts I need (my hands tend to sometimes shake uncontrollably when I do something that requires precision, so I just don't think soldering something myself would work that well), when I feel the time is right, is it totally fine for me to ask for someone else with soldering experience to order the parts I need and build the cart reader to my specifications, and pay that person either via Paypal or EMT to have them ship it to me directly when it's ready?  I might want to negotiate the price a little in hopes it can be reasonable for me (I'm Canadian BTW).   

Second,  will my laptop's USB ports be powerful enough to dump Super Mario RPG or any other SA-1 SNES game, and read/write data from/to the cartridge?  My laptop is an Alienware M14XR2, which is basically a gaming lapptop.

Third, can the cart reader be designed to also work with NES and/or Sega 32X cartridges?

Lastly, can a cart reader be customized so that it requires being plugged into a wall socket?

Thanks in advance.


From my experience a PC's USB port does not provide enough power to reliably dump SA1 games with my cart reader. I always use one of those:


From my experience a PC's USB port does not provide enough power to reliably dump SA1 games with my cart reader. I always use one of those:

This worked! Unfortunately, it only worked with Super Mario RPG. I think my copy of Kirby's Dream Land 3 is shot: I can't even get it to work on my SNES, even after thorough cleaning. Maybe I'll just have to get another copy...


Try replacing the battery, I had SNES games not start because of corrupted SRAM before.


sanni, I'm curious to ask if you're planning to order some PCBs sooner or later (or have lately)?  If you haven't ordered any lately, will you please let me know via PM when you get them?  skaman let me know about the need of PCBs for each batch of cart readers.

Also, can you give me a price estimate in USD or CAD of how much one of these cart readers will cost if it's fully assembled (presuming the only consoles it was designed to work with are SNES (including SA-1 games) and Nintendo 64), please?  If there is a time when you can reserve one of these cart readers, I'd really appreciate it.


I don't have any leftover Cart Readers right now. Maybe someone else in this thread can help you out.  8)

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