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Haha, I just wanted to say that I thoroughly appreciate the scientific approach you take towards problem solving. :)
You can never be to sure, hitting something and dropping it is a great test.
My wife say its good we dont have any children  :$


First of all, very great work on adding NES/FC support but I'm wondering if you could add the following mapper support as well?

Mapper 11 -> Color Dreams, Wisdom Tree and Bunch carts
Mapper 36 -> TXC Policeman for example
Mapper 79 -> AVE NINA-003-006 boards

I've had various mapper 11 carts with broken EPROMs so adding that mapper would have highest priority imo.


I'm not planning on adding support for additional unlicensed mappers.  They're too many and acquiring test carts takes time and money.  Adding support for all of the licensed mappers was an exhausting and expensive project.

The framework for adding new mappers is in the code so someone should be able to add a new mapper if they understand how the mapper works.  Best mapper resource is generally the NesDev Wiki.

I did finish Mapper 30 support which will be added to the code after I confirm the PRG-RAM code on StarTropics.


I have a mother question, I am programming a 29f1610, the chip is recognised I can erase is.
and do a blank check.

but after I write a file (Dreamshell SD + Bios) it will not verify.

I haven't tried the chip in my dreamcast yet, but should it work ?


Read it back out and compare it using a hex editor with the file you tried to flash to see what went wrong.

I haven't flashed a 29F1610 chip since 2015 when we worked on the NP carts so I can't guarantee that there weren't any changes in the Arduino IDE somewhere in the last 4 years that broke flashing 29F1610 chips.

That being said it could be a that the chip is not seated properly in the ZIF connector or a bad connection somewhere on the Cart Reader or adapter, or a bad chip, or an unsupported variation of the chip.

Maybe someone that has flashed a 29F1610 recently can chip in.


I finally got the Rockman Mega World cart for testing.  As noted in Eke's (eke-eke) notes, the cart contains a 24C01 EEPROM.  I confirmed that the EEPROM code works for it.


I am having troublwe to Write flash 29l3211, i am using the flash memory already on the board i lift up the first leg of the 3211 (we pin) and connect it in the slot 54 of the board, the shield find the  3211 but when i put it to write show  on the lcd screen flashing  file but it stay freezed, when  i try a blank check show that is not blank and after i go to erase and appears blank in 0sec and them i back to check if it is blanck and says that is not blank. Can you help me?


Hi sanni

Do you plan to release

PCB  SNES to 60pin Famicom adapter

PCB  MD to Sega Mark III adapter


Writing support kazzo flash cartridge.(MMC1, MMC3, MMC5 etc)


You can download the SNES to 60pin Famicom adapter here:

I quickly made you an MD to Sega Mark III adapter but it's untested:
Schematics are based on this design by raphnet but you don't have to add the components to the PCB other than bridging R4.

I don't have a NES/Famicom/Kazzo flashcart but maybe someone else will try it out.


I'd recommend buying the INL Programmer if you want support for the NES flashcarts.


I finally received a StarTropics cart for testing.  The first cart that I ordered never made it.  I confirmed that the MMC6 PRG-RAM code is working on both StarTropics and StarTropics II.

I'll add the code changes to NES.ino and submit the revised sketch to sanni.  The changes will be MMC6 PRG-RAM support and Mapper 30 support.


How exactly would one choose the proper NES mapper btw? This screen is very confusing.

Image: https://imgur.com/a/gk9JVgg

EDIT: Also, the flashrom programmer says "MX26L6420 adapter" instead of "16bit Flash programmer" in the menu as it used to be and still is. :P


After finishing the MMC6 PRG-RAM, I checked NesCartDB for other mappers with battery backed PRG-RAM.

Mappers 19, 80, and 82 may have battery backed PRG-RAM.  I wrote support for Mapper 19 SRAM but I didn't know about the carts that use the internal PRG-RAM.

I'll look into adding support for the battery backed PRG-RAM for mappers 19, 80, and 82.


How exactly would one choose the proper NES mapper btw?
I made a copy and paste error and the variable "index" ended up defined as byte instead of int, fixed it now. But you have to use the Arduino Serial Monitor or Serial Monitor Deluxe:

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