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If you manage to flash it with the PICkit and its software, please make some screenshots then I can add them to the github so that others don't make the same mistake.  :)
I don't understand how to get the PICkit3 and SOIC adapter to connect together? I bought the whole list of items on your github but those two are the only things listed together. The PICkit3 has six pins and the SOIC has eight spaced out on two different sides. I can understand if two are ground they may not be needed (not saying there are, just an assumption). The PICkit3 also has no identification for what pin is what, possibly in the software but I haven't got that far either. I'm waiting on slide switches lastly to begin my build. I plan to make a video of the whole process once I can finally put it all together.


Connect the Pickit3 with the SOIC8 adapter like this

Pin 6 of the Pickit is not connected to anything.


Mapper 82 PRG-RAM read/write is finally done.  I had to do some fiddling but I got the PRG-RAM writes working properly.

While working on the PRG-RAM, I decided to work on the Family Basic SRAM.  I wrote working code for read/write support of the Family Basic SRAM.

I ordered a few more Mapper 82 test carts and a Family Basic V3 cart so I'll need to confirm that the code works for them.


Hi Sanni,
I set up my pocket version of your cartReader. I thought of doing something that was as simple and cheap as possible to assemble and solder. So I didn't use smd components and kept the entire SdCard module.
thx  :)


Cool!  Another portable SNES reader.

My portable readers came in really handy when visiting stores looking for undumped carts.


Cool!  Another portable SNES reader.

My portable readers came in really handy when visiting stores looking for undumped carts.
a few posts ago, I saw pictures of your portable. with big screen and battery. Professional level :)


Very cool  8)
thx for the hard work of making this cartReader so functional and cool!
can i attach the .gerber here for anyone to use?


Sure, if you want you can also do a pull request on the Cart Reader Github and upload them there. :)


I submitted the NES.ino changes to sanni.

Adds Mapper 30 (NESmaker) support with read/write Flash support.  Flash support only tested with the INL NM30 board.

Adds PRG-RAM read/write support for Mappers 4 (MMC6), 19, 80, 82.

Adds SRAM support for Family Basic (Mapper 0) carts.

When writing the Mapper 82 PRG-RAM, carts seem to write the first byte of each 1K block with the last byte of the block.  I wrote the code to rewrite the first byte to make the written data match the source file.  Both carts that I have appear to do the last byte = first byte (1K block) so I'm waiting on additional Mapper 82 carts for testing.

For the Family Basic cart, the Backup Switch must be in the Off position to write to the SRAM.  I found that on powerup that the cart writes to certain locations of the SRAM.  I don't have any original save files for the cart so I could only test with some dummy files.  The dummy files would write properly but once the cart was powered up then various locations in SRAM were overwritten.

I don't plan on adding support for additional mappers or for other INL flash carts.  If you want support for additional INL flash carts, then buy the INL programmer.


Hello everyone! I stumbled onto the cart reader just yesterday and decided to take the plunge in trying to make this. I was going to buy the Retrode 2, but I don't believe they have the NES cartridge figured out yet, plus it is not supported much anymore. The problem for me is I don't have any experience with PCB building/programming. The instructions on Sanni's GitHub page are amazing, and I think I can figure it out. The biggest concern I have at the moment (not having the parts yet) is flashing the snesCIC. I have never flashed anything before. The PICKit3 looks like a good thing to get for that, but are there any instructions on how to flash the snescic-lock-resync.hex file? Is there another forum area to get help with this? I am reading the comments about this procedure up above, but I am still confused. Any help would be much appreciated!


I don't have a PICkit myself but this video should give you an overview:



Thank you Sanni! I watched that, and it seems pretty strasightforward. I will give that a try once the parts come. I am very excited for this! Has anyone ever tried working with a supplier to have these massed produced?


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So when I got my Arduino I quickly noticed a few things are different.

The transistor is a little close to some resistors and the resistor you're to solder the 5v lead to beside the voltage regulator is orientated differently. This is the micro USB model rather than the printer cable A-female type connection. From the parts page this is what came. Just figured I'd mention for updated notes.

Here is a pic:

(Sorry, my HTML is a bit dated so my picture isn't showing up between line breaks, it seems.)

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