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Nice addition, sanni!  That was quick.

I guess I'll have to post pictures of my pocket SNES reader.


As soon as you told me about your pocket SNES reader with an integrated battery it dawned on me, that's exactly what was missing the whole time. :)
It just elevates the whole project, absolutely loving it. <3


I should have taken your advice and picked up the 3D printer.

The PCB fab house is having difficulty making the acrylic pieces for my case.



How many are you looking for? I have a 3D printer.


Thanks hernan43!

I'll be in contact if I need help getting a case printed.  I'll wait to see what happens with my acrylic order.  My final PCBs were finished a week ago but the acrylic part of the order is unfinished so nothing has shipped.

I only want a couple cases.  The pocket/portable SNES Reader project is only for my personal use as the cost of the off-the-shelf components makes it quite expensive.



I am tying to flash a Dreamcast BIOS onto a 29LV160 flashrom using the instructions here:


I'm am having a terrible time getting it to recognize the flashroms correctly. I get various flashrom IDs. I did get 2 of them to erase and they *appeared* to flash but ultimately it looked like they were filled with "F".

I know you can't diagnose my troubles here, but I was wondering if you had any pointers on working with these chips. I have trouble getting them to fit into the adapter but after fiddling with them a bunch eventually i can get them in. My adapter appears to be nearly identical to yours. I'm not sure what other tricks to try.

Thanks for any tips you can offer.


Are you using the latest adapter with the 2 switches? The 29lv160 requires the new adapter with both switches set to the down position.


Sounds like either Reset or WE not being connected.


Are reset/we pins on the socket or are those the switches on the side? I am using the latest version of both the adapter and the cart reader. The cart reader works great otherwise.


They go from the socket to the two switches and then to the SNES slot.
You can also try to hold the flash adapter upright in the cart slot while reading the ID to see if maybe there is a problem with the cart slot connecting to the flash adapter, the added weight of the socket might make the adapter lean towards one side.

Also make sure that your Cart Reader is set to 3.3V as the MX29LV160 is a 3.3V flashrom.



I have not. I'm wondering if I damaged the switched when I was soldering. I might just remove them and try bridging the contacts or something to force them in the down position. His adapter is only going to be used for the one purpose.


I'll give it a try once I get home. I have about 2 29lv160 left I believe.


 Hello, I am in trouble to recognize one me would go flash 29l3211. I am having the mistake flash id:DBDB unknown  flash flashrom


Great project ... This is exactly what I was looking for. Order with PCB and elektronic parts in progress... I have one question about reader ... You said i can connect PC to reader and communicate via Serial Port... It's possible the same with Raspberry Pi ? I want to have access to my ROMs in Raspberry and run in RetroPie....

Maybe some of you have already tried?

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