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Hi, i recently installed the N64 slot on the shield
But i get error in some games when i read the cartridge


Zelda Majora's Mask (Brazilian Gradiente Release) - ERROR
International Super Star Soccer '98 - ERROR
Banjo Tooie (Brazilian Gradiente Release) - ERROR
Pokemon Stadium 2 - ERROR
Mario Kart 64 - ERROR
Shadow Man (Brazilian Gradiente Release) - ERROR

San Francisco Rush Extreme Racing - OK
Dark Rift - OK
Star Wars Episode I Racer - OK
Fifa Soccer 64 - OK
Pokemon Stadium - OK

What will could be?

Thanks a lot


Could be several things:
- the dumped rom is correct but crc32 is not found in n64.txt -> google for the crc32 to see if it is listed as a valid dump
- the dumped rom is incorrect because the cartridge is not inserted dead center into the slot -> use the 3d printed sleeve for the n64 slot to make sure carts are always aligned
- the dumped rom is incorrect because you accidentally used 5V instead of 3.3V or forgot to desolder the two components from the Arduino Mega allowing it to run at 3.3V
- dump is incorrect because there is a bad contact in the 3.3V line -> use a multimeter and measure the resistance between the two points marked by red circles while the cart reader is switched to ON and 3.3V but not connected to a power source, it must be around 0.5 Ohm but not over 1 Ohm, if it is over 1 Ohm you need to switch the switches on and off a few times to remove corrosion or even resolder the connections:

-the dumped rom is incorrect because the Arduino Mega you're using can't handle 3.3V very well -> you can reflash the Arduino Mega's fuses to disable the brown out fuse.
- the dumped rom is incorrect because there still might be an error in my dumping code that only affects certain cartridges



I'm using the original N64 Slot

I gently sand all contacts on the 64 slot using a credit card and a very fine sandpaper

All games start do detect except ShadowMan


I measured the resistence, it's about 0,6ohms

I think the 3.3v rail is ok, because today i did some snes repro carts


Sanni, do you know whether the type 2 mbc3 + rtc cart here https://www.tindie.com/products/JRodrigo/pre-modded-flash-cartridge-with-mbc3-rtc-timer/ is compatible with the cart writer?

Type 2: Type 2 - TSOP-II-44 ROM - PCB mark DMG-KGDU-01


If you write the code for it and build an adapter, sure. But right now it only supports the stuff listed under features.

Just buy an INLretro programmer-dumper instead, afaik it can already read NES and MD/32x will probably follow soon.
It's possible I might buy the INLretro programmer-dumper someday, thanks for telling me about it sanni (I have been talking to the guy behind the creation of it on Facebook (Infinite NES Lives); he is working on an official release that he hopes will be ready in January).

Now, being as I'm ready to purchase one of moldov's cart readers soon (hopefully this month if possible), I have a couple more questions about the cart reader, one, will I need to update the firmware once I receive it, and two, just in case there isn't an SD card included with the cart reader, will a 2GB SD (not SDHC) card work okay?  I have a couple of Lexar SD cards that are 2GB each.


If you need to update the firmware depends on what firmware is currently installed. I have not worked on a new version of the firmware for about a month and I'm not currently working on a new version.
I have tested the Cart Reader with a 2GB SD from Toshiba without SDHC and while it worked it slowed down the Cart Reader a little but maybe that was just because it was a slow SD card and had nothing to do with SDHC missing.



You could add a topic on Wiki called "Some fixes" and put some infos, just like what i did to fix the N64 using only a sandpaper

I would help you sending some pictures and making a small tutorial to show how to fix the connectors or jump the 29LV320 snes repro



Hi Sanni,

Is it possible to write bsx rom packs with satellaview already dumped roms and actually run through the original cart?


I don't have any BSX stuff myself but from my understanding that is exactly what the Satellaview code is for.
You need  the game "BS-X: Sore wa Namae o Nusumareta Machi no Monogatari" as an adapter between the Satellaview 8M Memory pack and the SNES slot of the Cart Reader.


You could add a topic on Wiki called "Some fixes" and put some infos, just like what i did to fix the N64 using only a sandpaper

I would help you sending some pictures and making a small tutorial to show how to fix the connectors or jump the 29LV320 snes repro

Good idea, I made a new entry in the wiki called useful forum posts, from where I will link to some posts here. So just write your tutorial here and I'll link it in the wiki.


--- Fixing Bad Cartridge Slot Contacts ---

When you recycle some old game cartridge slot you always get from junk video games, and some times the contacts are not good because of corrosion.

But don't worry it's easy to fix

You will need a very fine sandpaper and a credit card (or any PVC card with the same thickness)

Cut the sandpaper to fit in the credit cart

Insert into the slot

Then make a right and left movement
Make sure to sand all the contacts

Clean the residual dust with a compressed air ou isopropyl alcohol and be happy with your new cartridge slot


I have a question about the 12F629.  I can program, and have available the 8 pin DIP version of the chip.  I don't have a way to program a 8SOIC version.  Do you know if this will work as well, assuming I bend the legs down so they can be soldered to the board? 

Also, I have decided to use the microSD card.  I assume no modification needs to be done to that like there is with the larger one?     Also is there a place to purchase the nice clear LED spacer like you have instead? =)  Thanks!


The DIP version will work the same. microSD module will also work without any modification. The clear LED spacer is laser-cut acrylic I ordered here: https://www.elecrow.com/5pcs-acrylic-laser-cutting-service.html


Thanks =)  Is there a pattern or anything I need that you could happen to provide?  One final question on the PIC chip, say later on there is updated firmware, would the old chip need to be removed and reflashed, or is there a way to do that using the microSD?  Debating if I should socket the chip instead of soldering it. Thanks again

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