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Hi, I am a total Beginner/novice in this Arduino field but have some knowledge on computer and basic electronic, I am planning to buy an Arduino board, I have a project on making a simple CNC machine as a hobby, can anyone guide me  on which additional hardware i should buy eg. to drive a steeper motor i might need some kind of power & driver board for Arduino. :smiley-red:


Google is your friend.  Try 'stepper driver arduino'.
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Previous post that contain CNC.

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You'll eventually need more details, but use the http://ArduinoInfo.Info WIKI to start here:
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Thank you guys, as a beginner I am gonna keep asking more questions I hope you dont mine  XD


The online shop that I am buying the Arduino Kit offered me 2 board ie. Arduino Uno -R3 and Arduino Leonardo Rev3 are there any difference on these board regarding Examples and tutorials or the programming  :smiley-roll: Please suggest which is best for me, as the price difference is very less too.


The only advantage to a leonardo is that it can be programmed to act like a USB device like a mouse or keyboard. So, I guess you could implement a printer class with it. But most CNC programs expect serial, anyway, though.

I would go with the Uno. There are some disadvantages to the Leonardo in general.


The only advantage to a leonardo is that it can be programmed to act like a USB device like a mouse or keyboard.

And two hardware serial ports - one via USB and the other via the 0 and 1 pins.


I would advise to stay away from the Leonardo. Unless you specifically need the Leonardo for some reason, the UNO is the better choice.


Thank you for your reply, I will go with UNO as you all suggest  ;)

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