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I answered all of them, but failed one... 87$ to spend. now the hard part, what to buy


Maybe a consolation prize if you didn't succeed at SparkFun today...I can't give away thousands of dollars but am running a "Free Day" deal until Sunday. You can get free cables with any of the RGB modules, and a free cable/breakout set with the Arduino Centipede Shield.

Unique RGB LED Modules and Arduino shields: http://www.macetech.com/store


I was in a lab for three hours and after lab went to the undergrad computers and it was over... I really had my heart set on a geek coffee mug and a little RFID glass capsule (that I TOTALLY wasn't going to implant in myself).  Oh wells... no freebies for mes.

If anybody finds in a couple months they aren't going to use their freebie code, hit me up; I'll spend your money! ;D


Pffft as if.... all 150 thousand dollars is already spent

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