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Hi all,

I would like to use a Timer of Arduino DUE to make it blink with a specific frequency. Thereafter, I need to change the frequency by updating that from Serial Monitor.

What REG should I use and how can I do it?

Any idea please?



The Due has a dedicated forum for discussing the board.

Ref: http://arduino.cc/forum/index.php/topic,144446.15.html

Library:  pwm01.h
Description:  A clean alternate approach for setting up unique PWM frequencies from within a sketch, for any or all PWM pins.  The trick is to utilize the two PWM clocks (CLKA & CLKB) provided by the SAM3X8E chip.

I wrote and enclosed a library (pwm01.h).  It includes 4 user functions to:  1) setup PWM resolution, 2) setup PWM pin, frequency & pick clock, 3) write duty cycle, and 4) stop PWM.  See example code for usage:

Code: [Select]
#include "C:\Programs\arduino-1.5.1r2\hardware\arduino\sam\libraries\Pwm01\pwm01.h"

void setup()
   uint32_t  pwm_duty = 32767;
   uint32_t  pwm_freq1 = 2;  
   uint32_t  pwm_freq2 = 5000;

   // Set PWM Resolution

   // Setup PWM Once (Up to two unique frequencies allowed
   pwm_setup( 6, pwm_freq1, 1);  // Pin 6 freq set to "pwm_freq1" on clock A
   pwm_setup( 7, pwm_freq2, 2);  // Pin 7 freq set to "pwm_freq2" on clock B
   pwm_setup( 8, pwm_freq2, 2);  // Pin 8 freq set to "pwm_freq2" on clock B
   pwm_setup( 9, pwm_freq2, 2);  // Pin 9 freq set to "pwm_freq2" on clock B
   // Write PWM Duty Cycle Anytime After PWM Setup
   pwm_write_duty( 6, pwm_duty );  // 50% duty cycle on Pin 6
   pwm_write_duty( 7, pwm_duty );  // 50% duty cycle on Pin 7
   pwm_write_duty( 8, pwm_duty );  // 50% duty cycle on Pin 8
   pwm_write_duty( 9, pwm_duty );  // 50% duty cycle on Pin 9

   delay(30000);  // 30sec Delay; PWM signal will still stream
   // Force PWM Stop On All Pins
   pwm_stop( 6 );
   pwm_stop( 7 );
   pwm_stop( 8 );
   pwm_stop( 9 );

void loop()

The pwm01.h library and example code were tested in IDE 1.5.1r2.  Additional notes on this library:
- Applies to Arduino-Due board, PWM pins 6, 7, 8 & 9.
- Libary Does not operate on the TIO pins.
- Unique frequencies set via PWM Clock-A ("CLKA") and Clock-B ("CLKB")
 Therefore, up to two unique frequencies allowed.
- Set max duty cycle counts (pwm_max_duty_Ncount) equal to 255 per Arduino approach.  
 This value is best SUITED for low frequency applications (2hz to 40,000hz) such as
 PWM motor drivers, 38khz infrared transmitters, etc.
- Future library versions will address high frequency applications.
- Arduino's "wiring_analog.c" function was very helpful in this effort.


Thanks for addressing me to the right page. Do you know how I can include the ".h" file? 1.5.2 IDE does not detect any pwm header file!  :0

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