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         I am taking a class with the Arduino UNO with no prior experience. Seeking resources that are at a beginners level to help me become fluent.

Those of you that are now familiar with programming what resources should i be going through? I am having trouble with the language, I can visualize

the general structure of my program put cant piece the right commands together. Have been going through the library reading over the material but

not helping as much as i have hoped. I guess I need the dummy guide.


You need this
but you have to wait a bit while we finish writing it ;) Maybe next semester!
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Try writing it out as a series of blocks in a flow diagram then translate each block.
I'm following a guide for the TLC5960 which explains how to convert a data sheet into code and i'm surprised how easy it is to do.
Sorry for the noobish post but my knowledge is 10 years out of date!


Try looking through the example sketches that come with the IDE. Play around with copies of them and get them to do different things. Easier to make some small tweaks and see what happens than to write your own code from scratch.



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