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Topic: Is there a sensor that can measure the amount of nutrients in the soil? (Read 13836 times) previous topic - next topic



The kind and amount of nutrients is probably a job that only a mass spectrometer could fully do.




Do you need to know which specific nutrients are in the soil? Or are you looking to find the EC/TDS/PPM value? If so you can use the EC-shield from Practical Maker.


I also need to need to know what nutrients are in the soil.


To know which substances are in the solution you need some very expensive sensors... I gave up looking for a cheap alternative on that one. There aren't any...
Measuring a specific substance in a solution is difficult, but measuring them in a solid I've found out to be much much harder. The easiest thing to do is take a sample of the ground, mix it with distilled water and measure the substances, but very difficult and expensive...

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