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can someone tell me about the initialization process of NHD?2.8?25664UMB3*?? anything might be helpful even about a different OLED.


Apr 13, 2013, 07:51 am Last Edit: Apr 13, 2013, 08:00 am by olikraus Reason: 1
Although you refer to the new multi-font version for the display, it should be supported by U8glib (which had been tested with the NHD-2.8-25664UCY2). Init code is here:


The default mode for u8glib will only show 248x64 pixel for this display. To see all pixel you need to enable u8glib 16 bit mode (uncomment the constant in u8g.h)

There is also an app note on this display, including the init sequence: http://www.newhavendisplay.com/app_notes/OLED_25664.txt


Update: I think u8glib was tested with NHD-3.12-25664UCY2 and not with  NHD-2.8-25664UCY2. But i do not see a difference between these display types, except for their dimensions.


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