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Hi all,

I was hoping to control a Mdfly mp3 player AU5121 (Tenda TBD380) with an Arduino Uno board. I ordered 2 units and they both arrived in parallel mode. I've tried to read up on how to use this device with a microcontroller and it seems everyone is using it in Serial mode. Has anyone had luck using this mp3 player in parallel mode?  If parallel mode is problematic, has anyone tried to reconfigure the board? It's not clear to me how hard it would be to move the jumpers.

I am trying to build a device to make prey distress calls to lure small predators (foxes, etc.) to motion-activated cameras, partly for fun and partly for a research project. I want to be able to turn on and off the mp3 player and adjust volume and song selection with the microcontroller.

Thanks for any insight you can provide.


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