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I am currently trying to get a laser engraver up and running.
Despite the laser my motors did turn right, were calibrated. First drawing tests were a success.

The motors are salvaged from old scanner/printer.
They are about 5 and 12 Volt. The current 'must' be between 200mA and 700mA.
2x Easydrivers v4.4 drive those motors. All fine.
I had build it all on a breadboard for first tests. The Arduino Uno R3 was hooked up with jumper wires to the breadboard.
The breadboard had an external power supply 12V 1.5 A. The arduino was powered via USB.

After successfully operating the whole thing I stepped up in etching a custom Easydriver/Lasershield.(http://www.instructables.com/files/deriv/F2S/9VHV/GKS0SU5N/F2S9VHVGKS0SU5N.LARGE.jpg) Yet the laser circuit is not soldered but the Easydriver pins are.
The two Easydrivers are powered by the arduino (pin Vin).
The first test with the etched board run 'nearly' fine except that after running the whole g-code the 'laser' (pencil) did return to a strange zero position.
Let me explain: It started at X0 Y0. I set the zero before with G91 X0 Y0 but after the whole g-code it returned to an x-mirrored zero position.

I am a total electronic noob. First etched board ever but I have checked all pins and tracers on the shield for continuity and logic= good.
My question is now: Am I going to destroy my arduino by powering the easydrivers and the motors via Vin ? I have a wall wart 12v 1.5 A connected to the arduino power jack. As I said the easydrivers are power via arduino Vin and so are the motors.

the x-axis stepper is a :

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