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Hi friends!
I have a programming problem, I want to control a motor via a gprs shield (arduino sim 900: http://www.evola.fr/product_info.php/shield-gprs-p-183) But the trouble is I can not get out .. the goal is that I send a sms as "open" that would make a 90 ° turn to the engine and "close" which will give it in its original position ..
if you had a program similar to that which I am interested because I'm interested galley and it is a project noted by my teacher ..
Thank you friends :)


The easiest motor for this is a servo. With the servo library, you can easily send commands like "move to 90 degrees", "move to 180 degrees" or whatever. The internet is full of examples.


yes but the problem is in the shield Gprs (sim900 Seeedstudio) and I can not understand how AT commands works .. I do not know if I should use the "AT command test."

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