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Topic: urgent plz . i need to count my heart rate value and display it on LCD 2.16 (Read 2417 times) previous topic - next topic


HELLO guys ,
this is my first post , and i'm new for using arduino , i will be grateful if you can help me with my project.

i want to count my heart rate using arduino uno then i want to display it on LCD 2.16
i already build my hear beat circuit and it work well , but the problem now is how to create a proper code!! because  i'm very bad of programming  =(

plz any help or hint

thanks alot

ALI  :)


Start with this, see if your circuit can emulate button to see if something works at first.

Then add your display and ask for more help?

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thanks for respond
i will try to do it , then i will inform u what i will get


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