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Would really appreciate some help. This is my first time using any GSM shield and I have a question...

I live in the US and have a T-Mobile sim already in my iPhone...can I use one T-Mobile sim (in my phone) and one Blue Via sim (in the GSM shield) and communicate easily between the two in both directions (data input to the Arduino getting sent via SMS to my phone AND the ability to control the output from digital pins by SMS from my phone to the GSM shield)? Or do I need both sims to be the same (T-mobile or Blue Via)?

Any help would be appreciated.


The Bluevia SIM has Internet data communications and SMS with other Bluevia SIMs but no SMS with other networks (we are working to get it but we're not yet there, SMS offers are complex to design due to roaming etc...)

The typical IoT development is not based in SMS but communicating the devices through through an Internet server. For example you can use MQTT, a googleapp engine service or, even simpler, a Twitter messages.


Thanks for the response.
If both sims are T-mobile (Phone and GSM shield) will that work?



I can't ensure a perfect working, because it depends on T-Mobile network. In theory, it must working without problems.

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