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how can i set port C as input on arduino due? I want to read input from eight pins at the same time.
I have tried this but it does not seem to work:
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    REG_PIOC_ODR = 0x3fc;
    REG_PIOC_PER = 0x3fc;
    int pixelData = REG_PIOC_PDSR >> 2;


To do this you will need to set the mode on each pin to input. A quick way of doing this is to write something like:

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void setDataBusInput()
    byte i ;
    for( i = 33; i < 42; i++ )
      pinMode( i, INPUT ) ; // Sets pins 33-41 to Inputs

Then you can use:

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        inputBuffer[i] = PIOC->PIO_PDSR & 0xFF; // Read data in 

which will read the data present on the port. I just pulled this code from something I had previously written, you can adjust the values to match the pins you want to use.

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