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Hi there

I found this in an old printer..

I know that it counts every little line on the transparent disc, but what is it called, and does anyone know where i can read about how to use it??

Thanks in advance

Coding Badly

Can't tell.  The pop-up ads kept getting in the way when I try to zoom in.


Well, i think i is some kind of motor encoder in this case. And the number on black peace is: 46BF and 621...

I does not tell me anything about what the component is called..


Please post some more and more detailed pictures. You can try looking up the text on the side in combination with 'rotary encoder' on google.


Or also, look up "opto-interrupter".



Great !!!

Thank you all..

Now I have been searching my self, and i found this website: http://reprap.org/wiki/Optical_encoders_01#Determining_encoder_pinouts

And I think it is worth a try :D


Very handy, thanks!

I pulled apart an epson and have a few encoders from it that I haven't attempted to use yet.

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