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Hello !

We would like to use CMUCAM4 with Arduino UNO and analyze eyes movements in order to give orders to a system ( for example: lead a car or something else only with eyes )
Nevertheless, we don't know how to start knowing that we are novice in IT..
Can you help us ? Please ...

Thanks you for your understanding.

Thymiane and Laetitia.


What research have you done? Google Arduino and cmucam4 turns many discussions.


Thank you for your reply.
We haven't found people who had a similar project and we don't find answers to some basic questions we ask.
First, we succeeded to flash an LED thanks to Arduino (which, in view our level computer, was a feat in our eyes  :) ).
But when connecting the CMUCAM4 in Arduino, we had a doubt : should power the CMUCAM4 or simply plugging with Arduino is enough?
Thanks a lot, Thymiane & Laetitia.


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Yes, the Arduino should power the CMUCAM4.  What have you done so far?

Have installed the library and looked at the examples?



These websites will help us a lot.
We will read it quietly and try to understand.
Thank you very much.

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