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Going to burning man does sound really cool and interesting - but I am not sure I would look at it as 'an important step towards a career in the technical end of fine arts, or the artsy end of technical things'.. It may be a good place to see some really awesome stuff and people though.

The thing about BM, is that its a great place to network with fellow artists of all nature. On an Arduino-related (ok, ATMega8 - who's counting?) note:


I will not respond to Arduino help PM's from random forum users; if you have such a question, start a new topic thread.


I second (or third) going to burningman.  If you make something epic enough, some of those LSD-hippies might notice- and you would be surprised I think to find out that some of them are or have close friendships with MIT folks.  

If nothing else, do it for fun, you are blessed with thinking outside of the academic club (box).  Sure, in that setting you will learn alot, but you will learn what the other 20+ people in your program are also learning.  If you are soldering and programming at 3am in your basement, your full creativity can be realized without a professor telling you the 'proper' way to do things.  

-I never understood 'art' schools


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