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I made a very simple circuit. I built a working prototype with protoboard, some soldering and works just like I want it to.
I would like to make a PCB out of this so that I can re-use it in other projects but I'm not familiar with the Gerber format and all the technical knowledge this requires. I'd like this to be made into an Arduino shield that I could stack over the Arduino Uno R3 if at all possible.
If you are interested in building this circuit for me and delivering all the necessary files in Gerber format so that I can send out to fabricate the PCBs please send me a PM with an estimated quote, delivery time, and any other questions you might have.

Here's a very close approximation of what the circuit looks like. The actual version will have a couple more buttons that are not included in this diagram but no more than that. The diagram shows LEDs but those will not be part of the PCB as they will be hooked up externally. I would need advise on what type of connectors could be used (these screw connectors would be nice to have). These types of connectors would be also nice to have to hookup the LEDs as well as the buttons.

I'm in no hurry for this as I will not be using this commercially but for my hobby.



do you have a real schematic??

something like that could be whipped together real quick, but those fritzing diagrams are just balls of wire to people who dont know how or what the thing is


Fritzing apparently makes one from the breadboard but it looks even worse than this! I'm polishing it up to the best of my abilities and will post it tomorrow.


OK, here's the schematic to the best of my abilities with Eagle Cad. Note that this is my very first schematic *ever* so I'm sure I've made some mistakes.




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Before you move too far forward with this, you may wish to reconsider the circuit. You only have only one current limiting resistor on the LEDs. The current across this will vary according to the combination or R/G/B you have illuminated. You really need to have one resistor per LED colour and not per LED combination.

I have sent you a PM for creating a PCB from your fritzing files. BTW what arduino are you using for the shield footprint.

Cheers Pete.
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If you are using the Eagle freeware version, I have just finished 12 very good video tutorials from youtube by Jason with rpcelectronics.  If you follow those through, you will know how to create all the files to send to a board house.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qG0O9LKH-_E  should take you to lesson 1.


Thank you everyone for your input and offers! I've received many good ones and I've already contacted one of you to complete this job. 


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