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The Main point in mentioning this site is to provide a reference to a place where there is a live body, not around the world and a day later, A place where the prices are reasonable, Just reasonable.. I'm quite sure thata the example I choose could be found somewhere for $1.98 and free shipping too.
I However like the idea of a company semi local that is priced to be affordable for the majority of what they sell. I can beat every price shown by buying the part somewhere in the world. When and and If I want more or I have an issue, I can buy more or I can return it, locally.
Here is a disconnected example.. Similar but good enough to illustrate the issue.. I can buy the 3.2QVT 3.2" 65K color displays for 16.95 - 17.95 from a dozen places on Ebay including SainSMart...  and get it in 10 day's.. Free Shipping. I can buy the same part from Amazon and get it in 2 (I have Prime) days and if I need to return it. It takes 10 minutes to get an RMA and pack the display for return. Anyone care to try SainSmart through Ebay?
I've not had the occasion to return anything to OddWires..
But I can say that there was a problem with a delivery where it was clear that either I was lying or it wasn't put in my mailbox and OddWires shipped me a replacement..  With an apology and not an argument or "Could you please wait a week before..." Immediately, Not later.
The Same day and hour almost, as I complained the parts were missing from my mailbox and the Post Office showed them as delivered..
This is probably the first small company to do this for me... I buy from Adafruit I really like their selection of parts and breakout boards but I do find them overpriced.
I like buying from Evil Mad Scientist's too and their prices reasonable.. For some things..
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