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Apr 27, 2013, 07:39 pm Last Edit: Apr 27, 2013, 07:56 pm by ivanseidel Reason: 1
This days I was looking at the SAM3X datasheet and notice one WEIRD thing: It said that arduino has 15 Analog ready pins, but when I read the Arduino Due page, there was only 12 listed as Analog...

This is what intrigued me to find a solution to enable the others 3 pins, since my project needed 13 (yes, one more than the available).

The pins, not marked as analog that Could "become" one is 52, 20 and 21.

Maybe Arduino guys did that to maintain the same "pattern" as the old arduinos, but, why not let it enabled? It only changes a few lines of code (to be exact, 6 lines).

I will create a new commit of the arduino in my github repository if any one wants..
Arduino DueTimer | https://github.com/ivanseidel/DueTimer
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The extra ADC pins are documented on the pinout diagram here


There are a lot of nifty things not supported by Arduino, sometimes a software fix (as you've done) can unlock a feature, sometimes it can't because the PCB has not broken the right pins out.

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