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I'm Costantino Bongiorno, i'm based in Milan, and I'm working, with the rest of the MF and Arduino team, to organize a wonderful Faire in Rome especially with your contribution.

The Maker Faire in Rome will be a great moment to share your project with a huge enthusiastic community.

As you may know, the presence at the fair will be free (as in beer) for all the selected Makers applying through the Call For Maker before June 2nd http://www.makerfairerome.eu/be-a-maker/call-for-makers/

If you have a project, be it a complete product or just a prototype you can submit it and start interacting with us now using this forum.
For any question or if you want to discuss your proposal, this is the right place!

You can follow us on
Twitter https://twitter.com/makerfairerome
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/MakerFaireRome


We've just published a blogpost to recruit some local proxies around Europe!
We'll send them a special propaganda kit containing an Arduino Uno limited edition.

Do you know a local hub (makerspace, fablab, etc) near you which could be interested?



Hi, i'm Alessandro Didonna and i'm 22 years old. I'm a maker, Italian Ambassador of InMOOV by Gael Langevin (OpenSource Printable Life-size humanoid robot) and Italian Ambassador of MyRobotLab( InMoov's brain), an OpenSource Java service based framework for robotics (in simple words MyRobotLab is a puzzle, every piece of the puzzle is a service, and you can choose pieces and put them together in order to control Inmoov : Arduino service, servos control service, speech recognition, Text to speech, ComputerVision, Tracking, Face detecting, WebServer and a lot of others). For more info: http://myrobotlab.org/

I filled the entry form, and there is now a green check on "maker info" and "your project", but not on Invites..Is it a problem?

Thanks in advance
Best regards


It's ok Alessandro.

The green flags mean that all the required field are not empty.

We'll use the invite tab and features later on!




I submitted a project that I'm working on, but I'm afraid it might not be interesting enough. Is it likely that I will get selected? or is sort of only the cool cutting edge stuff? 



Hi Bruce,

there will be a great range of project, so: No fear and Submit :)



Only 43 days....but I can't visit Rome for the Maker Faire. =( My sole consolation is the 2013 Maker Faire European Edition of the Arduino UNO SMD. :D Have fun!


I so want one of those unos to add to my collection.  Does anyone know how I can get one.  Does anyone know if someone wants to sell theirs.



this sounds great but me saving for plane ticket to rome is of course going to be problem 1! finishing projects is also item 1!

so if it happens every year then sure ill apply for it in around 3 years time when ive got something worth while!
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We were at Maker faire Rome 2019, we are from Brazil, I believe we were the only approved project.
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