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I'mI have trouble with Arduino environment in Win7 on Alix 1D PC. 1st start ends with message that I need Java development kit. After installing jre-7u21-windows-i586.exe IDE start OK, I can set board and COM, but programming my Leonardo do nothing. They report that uploading program finished, but on Leonardo is still old SW. Monitor doesn't working, only standard monitor window appear and nothing happened. If I want to launch Arduino.exe with shortcut from desktop only 1st green windows appear for few second and then disappear also from Task manager.
PS: I'm working on intelligent home with aprox 6 Arduino board with Win7 PC (Alix 1D) for supervision, collecting data and accessing through web. I just want to have IDE on that PC for intervention after many years.


Perhaps you have a mix of older Java and older Arduino software with newer ones.

Could you remove all Java from your computer ?
The Arduino comes with its own subset of Java.

Download the newest Arduino 1.0.4 and unzip it in a new folder.
Start that without Arduino board connected. You should be able to verify the sketch.

Do you have any other board than the Leonardo ? Try that first.
Check the control panel (hardware / device drivers) to see if the drivers needs to be installed.
The Leonardo needs an extra code line to be able to use the serial monitor.
Code: [Select]

  // The Arduino Leonardo waits for the serial monitor to open.
  // The sketch will not continue until the serial monitor is opened.
  // If this wait is omitted, the serial monitor can not be used with
  // The Arduino Leonardo.
  while (!Serial) { ; }
  Serial.println("Hello World");

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