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I made a setup with a steppermotor and the easydriver. The recommended voltage is 12V.
I hooked up a keypad and a LCD 12C so that I can change the steps for the motor, and read the number of steps on the LCD.
Now the LCD needs 5 V and the motor needs 12V.
My question is: can I power the motor and the LCD with a 12V adapter through the Arduino. The Motor taking it's power from the Vin and the LCD taking it's power from the 5V pin? Or will that burn the LCD?  The motor is also running when I connect the USB from the computer which (to my knowledge) is 5V. That also makes me wonder if I really need 12V.




The good news is that stepper motors don't have a large current surge at startup, so as long as the power supply is upto the total
current draw this set-up should work.

However I would take a couple of precautions:

Run the 12V supply with separate wires (both 0V and 12V) to each of the Arduino and the EasyDriver.
Add extra decoupling to the 12V supply (around 220uF of Electrolytic capacitor at the supply.  The aim
is to reduce the amount of noise that the motor driver imposes on the power and ground wires to
the Arduino.

Check the current consumption of the LCD - if its high (100mA say), then powering it from the Arduino 5V
rail will cause the Arduino regulator to run hot.  It would probably then be best to use a separate 5V regulator
to the LCD from the 12V supply.
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