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Came across this one,

- http://www.sciencehackdayeindhoven.nl/ -

Science Hack Day Eindhoven 31 May - 1 June 2013 (registration now open)

Nerds are Cool - Get excited and make things with science and technology!
Science Hack Day Eindhoven is a 32-hour-all-night event that brings together designers, developers, scientists and other geeks in the same physical space for a brief but intense period of collaboration, hacking and building 'cool stuff'. Science Hack Day is part of the Dutch Technology Week.

By collaborating on focused tasks during this short period, small groups are capable of producing remarkable results. We expect 80-100 participants, who work in teams of 2-6 individuals.

Themes are City of the Future (think of Energy, Health, Mobility)

Are you seriously thinking of going to a 32 hour hackathon? You must be out of your mind! And that's why we like you to come!

Rob Tillaart

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