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I know this is just a generic locale on these boards, but my question is simple, and shouldnt take much.

Ive got a damaged Mega2650 that had a slathering of hot solder splash upon a chip and forced the chips removal.
I only need to know what this part is, and I think I can order such from mouser electronics to perform a component level repair.
I included a photo with the mystery part circled in red.
One of the 8 legs on this DIP IC broke off and thus forcing replacement.
If anyone can tell me what it is and its part number / ID then repair will be simple for me.
From what I could glean from looking at its minute features, It appears to be a 5v regulator IC of some sort.
I could be wrong though.
THanks in advance for any assistance in this issue!


According to the Schematic, it's a LMV358IDGKR (OP-Amp).



wow, this was fast!  lol
THanks!.  I will investigate it.


LMV358IDGKRG4   or a LMV358IDGKR   it is...
a whopping 0.30 cents (pennies)
and 6000+ in stock... lol
gotta love Arduinos.

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