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use some kind of IP geolocation database or service

Nothing so clever; see original post:
Seattle WA"

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I mostly buy components from 3 places. Futurlec, Electrodragon and Ebay.

futurlec.com is a good place to buy ICs.
There prices for Attiny85, Atmega328  and Atmega1284 are even lower than ebay.

Electrodragon have also really good prices.


The Robot Shop (www.robotshop.com) has some cool stuff but it takes a while to get here as they are in NY and their shipping is a little pricey. The thing is that they carry some stuff no one else does (like tracked chassis).

I've ordered stuff from Adafruit (www.adafruit.com) and Hacktronics (www.hacktronics.com) and have been satisfied with what I received. I think Hacktronics is in San Diego and Adafruit in NY.


Few more vendors are doing business in more than 25 years;-

Micro Center
Hilliard, Ohio, US

Fry's Electronics
San Jose, California, US

Miami, Florida, US

RadioShack (doing business in 92 years)
Fort Worth, Texas, US


I had to comment on this...I buy all my components from active-robots.com.  I wasn't sure about where to get them but they've been a real help! Bought all parts for my robot hobby especially phidgets which are really hard to buy anywhere. I'd suggest having a look on there!  :smiley-yell:

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