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So I decided to make something like a development platform, I would like to call it FUN plataform, in which people that don't have enought space, tools or especif knowledge could find motivation to take a first step and then mount their own robot. But anyone can ask... Pololu 3Pi it a good choice, or seedstudio robotic plataform, so WHY? I think this platforms are well desgined but they are very limited, it just line following and maze solver. You have to hack things ( I love hacking things lol) to play more.  

With your help guys I intend to build a open source Hard/Software robot that meets the most need for noobies... that they can play with many thing as possible, like an educational platform.

I will use this post for the IDEIA concept

Robot entry: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/37097

The BLOG : http://letsmakerobots.com/node/37096

So everyone be able to track the progress!

So lets start definig what it will be able to make without hacking! Could you give me your valuable opinion?

Line following/Maze Solver
Avoid Obstacles
Dead Reckoning

I Attached a photo, i am just testing motors... and they worked pretty well!!

The next post will be, what I need to do those defined activities. Every opinion it welcome.

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